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Chinese Translation Services by Leading Professionals

Reliable, flexible, human translation services to and from all varieties of Chinese




Chinese character, English letter

Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Chinese Translation

We value accuracy and flexibility, so we’ve designed our Chinese translation team to expertly accommodate the Chinese translation needs of a wide range of clients.

We offer translation:
  • both to and from Chinese

  • for both Simplified and Traditional characters

  • for the various Sinitic languages spoken in the region


Chinese translation for all translation needs

Whether you’re looking for business translation, academic translation, literary translation, or localization, you can trust our experienced Chinese translators to seamlessly break down the language barrier, faithfully retaining the style and tone of the original text.


We also offer transcription and interpretation services for Mandarin and Cantonese.

Business translation
Academic translation
Literary translation
Chinese calligraphy

Translation services for Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Whether you’re dealing with a text written in Simplified Chinese, used in Mainland China and Singapore, or need translation into Traditional Chinese, used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, you can rely on our passionate Chinese translators.


Our translation services are available to and from both writing systems.


A highly experienced team of Chinese translation experts

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the best Chinese translators across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the vast Chinese diaspora. Our translators are well versed in the art of translation and boast expertise in additional fields, making them qualified to even translate esoteric subject matter. 

Chinese calligraphy
Luke Palder headshot

Founded by a former Peking University student

Our founder is a former student of Peking University, China’s flagship university. As one of the first 21 American students to live with students at the university, he's proud his company can provide first-class Chinese translation services to help others bridge the language barrier.

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